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The RET-NANO experience was set to up to provide experiential engineering education to K-12 teachers in the Delaware Valley region through laboratory discovery. Create innovative dissemination of gained knowledge to student and colleagues"(RET).

My experience as a RET-NANO 2005 FELLOW was rich of laboratory discovery in the field of nanoscience. I left after the fifth week, having had vast experiential engineering laboratory experience in the Solid State Laboratory, Microfab laboratory, and Raman spectroscopy Laboratory just to mention a few. I had the opportunity of attending Grant writing seminars and other seminars on emerging technology. A field trip to ETT illustrated engineering in action just located in my neighborhood.

I was teamed up with two graduate students J. Nangia from Upenn and M. Juan, an international student from the university of Puerto Rico. My research advisor Dr. Jorge Santiago of the Upenn School of Engineering shared with me, the details of his ongoing research The generation of Oriented Tinoxide Nanofibers for Sensoring purposes”. I joined the challenge and we embarked on the project, in the solid State laboratory. Two weeks later we started investigating the electrical properties of the manufactured Tin-Oxide Nano-fibers.

The RET experience made me a better teacher, smarter and with a burning desire to share the knowledge with my students by integrating research into their curriculum.

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