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"If you are like a wheelbarrow being pushed where-ever you go, then do not apply for work here"

Geometry, A or B in Algebra 11 and teacher recommendation. 
TI-83 graphing calculator is required.

It is open to motivated 11 and twelve graders.

The courses integrates preparations in 'SAT mathematics' and 'college placement tests'.


Precalculus students must be able to function to at least 85% performance index. I am obligated to help you realize your maximum potential. Grading is based on "Outcome Based Performance" studies with reliance on projects, tests, quizzes, portfolios and classwork.


At least 95% attendance is required for a passing grade.  (Not more than five excused absences a quarter).

Course Content:
The units of study will center around the following major topics:

Algebra Review
Functions and Graphs
Polynomial functions, their zeroes, applied maximum-minimum problems
Exponential and logarithmic functions
Rational functions
Trigonometric functions
Applications in the area of finance
Discrete Algebra (as time allows)
One half of this course is devoted to the study of trigonometry and it applications. The other half is an in-depth coverage of pre-calculus topics, the exposure to which lays a firm foundation for all college level mathematics. The course includes a Seminar discrete mathematics section with mandatory peer teaching requirement.